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Item #: SCP-5000

Object Class: Safe Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5000 is to be kept in a deactivated state within a standard storage unit located at Site-22. All files and intelligence retrieved from SCP-5000 are to be stored on a secure server, with backups available upon request from the Archival Department.

Description: SCP-5000 is a non-functional mechanical suit identified within its internal schematics as an 'Absolute Exclusion Harness' designed by the SCP Foundation. Although SCP-5000 is believed to have once possessed a number of anomalous functions intended to protect and benefit its occupant, damage inflicted to it in the past means that it is currently only capable of basic file storage. For a record of files contained within SCP-5000 upon recovery, see Archive 5000-1.

SCP-5000 first appeared in a flash of light within SCP-579's containment chamber at Site-62C on 12/04/2020, containing a corpse1 genetically identical to Foundation employee Pietro Wilson. Pietro Wilson is currently employed at Exclusionary Site-062, and mnestic therapy has confirmed he has no knowledge of SCP-5000 or memories concerning the events detailed within its archives.

Archive 5000-1:


Context: They sent this to every government, news organization and anomalous agency on the planet. Fuck me.


Immediately following the release of their worldwide announcement, the Foundation began their assault on mankind.

The response to the anomalies the Foundation let loose was as quick as it could have been, but the damage is being done. It's hard to tell what exactly is going on, but from my position here - accessing the Foundation network and keeping track of the news - I've managed to grasp a little. I'm going to get everything I know down - so that when this is over, if anyone's still alive, they'll know what happened to us.

Relevant Anomaly Action taken by the Foundation
SCP-096 Images of SCP-096's face circulated on social media platforms. Death toll had already reached the hundreds before the images were taken down. For all I know, that thing is still going.
SCP-169 A series of nuclear charges are detonated within and along SCP-169's back, causing it to stir in its sleep slightly. The resultant earthquakes and tsunamis devastate a significant number of coastal settlements around the world.
SCP-662 Over the course of twenty-four hours, an individual whose appearance matches that of 'Mr. Deeds' appears in the vicinity of several major heads of state and assassinates them using whatever tools are immediately available, disappearing just as quickly. I don't know why this stopped after the first day.
SCP-610 Samples of SCP-610 are dispersed by embedded Foundation agents within many major cities, including New York and Delhi. All civilians in the area, along with the agents themselves, are quickly infected and succumb to SCP-610. Further spread of SCP-610 is halted by the combined efforts of the Global Occult Coalition and the Church of the Broken God.
SCP-682 Released.

I don't understand why this is happening.


Context: News footage I managed to download between drinking sessions.


Context: Encounter with Foundation elements a few days after leaving my shelter. Watching weird behaviour.

Closing Notes: No fucking clue.


Context: Weird transmission I caught on an old radio. Don't know if it's important, but trying to get everything down for posterity.

Closing Notes: Message stopped once I turned the radio over and saw that it was damaged beyond repair. Am I feeling okay?


Reached Site-19. Security's in disrepair, most of the anomalies let loose a while ago, so it was actually pretty easy to get in. Still stressful, moving out of the way of the researchers as they went about their business. They were still talking like colleagues, discussing how to get maximum human casualties like it was something they'd always been doing.

But their eyes … it was like something was missing from them. Some spark. I couldn't see them as human, looking at their eyes. Maybe not even alive. Hard to describe, but it gave me the creeps.

Accessing the Foundation database with some stolen Senior Staff credentials, I think I've managed to put together a basic timeline of what happened right before their declaration of war. I don't know what it all means, but I guess it's a start.

Date Events
16/12/2019 The O5 mark a project called 'PNEUMA' as being of special interest to Senior Staff. Apparently, it was a mass-amnesticization project like KALEIDOSCOPE, except mostly focused on the collective human unconscious, the psychospace, whatever you want to call it. Apparently there was some kind of breakthrough in mapping out that psychospace - except I can't see what it was because it's fucking redacted. Typical.
17/12/2019 A vote is undertaken by the O5 Council, with the result being unanimous. Ethics Committee also concurs. Don't know what the votes were about, because it's fucking redacted.
19/12/2019 A series of instructions (redacted instructions of course) are sent to all Senior Staff members and Site Directors. A wave of suicides and resignations go out across the Foundation, with Doctor Charles Gears being one of the employees resigning.
22/12/2019 A number of files are sent out to all remaining Senior Staff members and Site Directors, with instructions to also disseminate those materials among the staff serving under them. The files are accompanied by the message 'harden your hearts'. All suicides and resignations immediately cease following dissemination of the materials.
25/12/2019 Full block on all communications in and out of Foundation Sites. Termination of the majority of human and human-sympathetic anomalies is performed by the staff at each Site over the course of the next week. Information suggests an assassination team was sent after Dr. Charles Gears, but it doesn't say whether they were successful or not.
02/01/2020 Mobile Task Forces are dispatched to all Exclusionary Sites to execute all personnel. Immediately following the conclusion of these missions, the Foundation declares war on humanity.

Not quite certain what all this means. Did the O5 Council send out some kind of memetic agent to get everyone to go along with them? But that wouldn't explain why the O5 Council would want to wipe out humanity in the first place. I don't get it. I just don't get it.

More information on the anomalies the Foundation are actively using, too. With the news down, it's hard to get much solid info outside of their own records, and even those are still goddamn fucking redacted. I mean, it's the end of the world, what's the point of redacting shit anymore? Who cares?! Just tell me what's going on!

Fuck it. I'll put it all in a table. For posterity or whatever.

Relevant Anomaly Action taken by the Foundation
SCP-1370 Television service temporarily returns. All channels are propaganda speeches from SCP-1370, rambling on and on about how he's going to take over the world or whatever. This one isn't actually that bad.
SCP-1048 I don't know how the Foundation managed to catch the thing in the first place, but helicopter footage shows hordes of bears created by 1048 rushing through the streets of Paris. The footage isn't too clear, so I'm not sure, but it looks like there's a massive red teddy in the distance as well, walking around next to the skyscrapers.
SCP-1290 SCP-1290-1 and SCP-1290-2 are moved from their original position and used as a rudimentary projectile system to launch projectiles at a secure GOC installation called Ganzir3. Not 100% sure from the files, but it looks like it's just one of a frankly obscene number of anomalies they're using to try and bust in there. If you ask me, they'd be better off just firing missiles, but nobody is asking me because they've all gone nuts.
SCP-1440 SCP-1440 is transported from refugee camp to refugee camp by Mobile Task Force Nu-22 ("Rocketmen"), where its anomalous effects cause rapid devastation to those fleeing communities. Strangely enough, the way these events are described in the files make it sound like SCP-1440 actually has no effect on the Foundation personnel assigned to it.
SCP-1678 The Foundation intentionally abandons containment of SCP-1678, removing personnel from the immediate area. Once chaos caused by additional anomalies makes evacuation of London impossible, officials from the British Occult Service4 direct citizens to take refuge in SCP-1678 below. Once the city has reached capacity, the Foundation detonates the nuclear device stationed there prior to abandonment.

Going to try investigating some more before getting out of here, see what I can find out.





This thing in the briefcase is a godsend. Don't know what the hell it is, but if things are getting too much for me, I just need to open it up - and the next thing I know, I'm miles further along from where I just was, feeling all warm inside like something gave me a pep-talk. It's like my own personal skip button for when things are getting rough.

Managed to get temporary access to the Foundation database from the corpse of an Agent I found half-buried in the woods. Wolves were already helping themselves to him, but they obviously didn't mind me taking his laptop. Didn't notice me, anyway.

The Foundation is still throwing everything they've got at everyone else. I'll put it in a table, might as well.

Relevant Anomaly Action taken by the Foundation
SCP-2000 The Foundation intentionally triggers the eruption of Yellowstone, obliterating SCP-2000. For now, anomalies deployed by the Manna Charitable Foundation have slowed down the environmental effects at an absurd rate, but it's still just a matter of time before we choke on ash.
SCP-2200 Somehow, the Foundation seems to have mass-produced SCP-2200-1, and those swords are making their way into the hands of refugees. With all the victims the SCP-2200-1 are cutting down, SCP-2200-3 is overflowing - with a mountain of living SCP-2200-4 trapped under a mountain of dead SCP-2200-4.
SCP-2241 One of the few human anomalies that weren't terminated. It appears SCP-2241 is being used as a living weapon to destroy the biggest refugee camps that crop up, forcing survivors to remain in smaller groups. Unknown how they're getting it to be that loyal, but I doubt it's pleasant. Last information on SCP-2241 says that it's being deployed to assist with the siege at Ganzir. Apparently they're having some trouble.
SCP-2466 SCP-2466 was constantly being used in order to compel survivors originating from █████████, California to perform actions both socially disruptive and physically hostile. This was apparently effective, but after the four-thousand and twentieth use of SCP-2466, it crashed and became unusable. Guess there weren't any residents left.
SCP-2639 SCP-2639 were being dispatched to survivor communities and installations for groups that opposed the Foundation in order to kill everyone present. Apparently, they were told that they were fighting monsters that had escaped from containment and were destroying the world. Clearly, they figured out that wasn't the case, because they've refused to do anything since about the sixth time they were deployed. Good for them.


Context: Interview log from an interrogation facility inside Ganzir. As far as I'm aware, this is the first time a captured member of Foundation personnel has spoken during interrogation. Interviewer is a Commander Morrison, with a scientist called Doctor Rhodes also being there. The guy being interrogated is a member of Mobile Task Force Omega-2 ("Secret Keepers"), Samuel Ross. No video, only audio. Don't know if that's something wrong with the file or just the way it was recorded in the first place.

Closing Notes: Apparently, right after this, some kind of emergency arose inside Ganzir and the city ended up being destroyed from both the inside and outside. Files don't mention the specifics, but the GOC may be done.



Foundation's still fucking us. Here's a table about it.

Relevant Anomaly Action taken by the Foundation
SCP-3078 Apparently, the Church of the Broken God managed to get the internet back up and running in some areas - only, the Foundation fucked that pretty quick by uploading thousands of copies of 3078 through pretty much every medium available. So the internet went back down.
SCP-3179 Thing was freed from containment after the Church of the Broken God started trying to rebuild things. Sparked a civil war inside the Church over whether this thing is Mekhane or not, which really put a damper on their ability to help out. Plus, it's making as many fucking terminator-things as it can, so that's fun.
SCP-3199 SCP-3199 eggs are now being airdropped pretty much wherever. I'm sure you can imagine how that's going.

Might write more later.


Relevant Anomaly Action taken by the Foundation
SCP-4290 Through use of a sample of SCP-008 enhanced by SCP-914, the Foundation reanimates the corpse of SCP-4290 and lets it loose. Kaijumancers from the Serpent's Hand engage, but the file isn't clear on what the results are. Heard the Library detached from this universe, but it looks like these guys stayed behind. Idiots.
SCP-4666 The Foundation use temporal anomalies to make it so it is technically Christmas everywhere - oh, fuck it.
Nobody's ever going to read this anyway.


Context: NO INPUT



Context: oh shit oh shit oh shit

Closing Notes: Was wrong. They're here.


You said invaded, right? Might be one of the last times that happens.


1. Cause of death determined to be blunt force trauma, believed to be inflicted by impact with the ground following a long fall.

2. One of a series of installations designed to retain information following reality shifts or other temporal restructuring events.

3. A fortress city standing in the Atlantic Ocean, designed to house humanity's survivors in the event of an end-of-the-world scenario.

4. Colloquially referred to as MI666.